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  Gail Kim (born February 20, 1977) is a Canadian professional wrestler, valet, model, and actress of Korean descent. She is currently signed with IMPACT WRESTLING. She began her career wrestling as La Felina on the Canadian independent circuit. She joined WWE in 2002, winning the WWE Women's Championship in her debut match for the company. She then joined Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA).  
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We see a video package hyping the Knockouts Title match, which starts…right now as Havok attacks Gail Kim on her way to the ring! Gail fights back on the floor, but Havok just overpowers her and rams her into the ring apron. Gail tries fighting back again, but Havok shrugs it off and rams her into the ringpost and steps. Gail kicks Havok off her and into the steps, then starts hammering her with kicks. Havok again shrugs it off, elevates Gail, and drops her on the guardrail. Havok tries it again, but Gail fights out and boots her in the skull, then comes off the ring apron with a Thesz Press, but Havok easily picks Gail up, hammerlocks her, and rams her shoulder into the ringpost, keeps the hammerlock, and delivers a spinebuster on the floor. The referees manage to back Havok off as the trainer checks Gail out and we go to commercial. Guess we’ll find out the status of the title match after we come back.

We’re back and Tenay says the trainers are checking on Gail and we’ll have an answer later on tonight

Kurt Angle checks in on Gail Kim in the trainer’s room. The trainer says she separated her shoulder and shouldn’t wrestle tonight, but Gail says no and ORDERS Kurt to make sure the match happens tonight.

Gail Kim is backstage getting her shoulder taped up, and says she has to do this and to make sure she can have this match tonight.

Gail Kim comes out and says that Havok may have taken her down, but she didn’t take her out, and if she wants the Knockouts Title, to come try and take it now. Havok comes out and it looks like it’s…MAIN EVENT TIME!

Knockouts Title Match: Gail Kim vs Havok

Gail attacks Havok on her way to the ring, but Havok beats her down and this time rolls her into the ring to officially start the match. Havok stomps Gail down in the corner and hammers her with hard forearms, then gets the hammerlock bearhug and rams Gail into the corner, then does it again. Gail tries to fight back, but Havok easily pops Gail up and flapjacks her to the mat. Havok really torques on that hammerlock, and Gail tries to get out and go for a flying headscissors, but Havok catches her and gives a shoulderbreaker to the good shoulder for 2. Havok gets Gail in the Rings of Saturn, but Gail twists her body and fires kneestrikes into Havok’s skull until she breaks. Havok doesn’t slow down a bit and goes right back to work on Gail, slamming her arm into the mat repeatedly. Gail rolls away from a legdrop to the arm and drop toeholds Havok into the bottom turnbuckle, then puts Havok in the ringpost figure four. Gail springs off the top rope with a flying bodypress, but Havok easily powers out of the cover at 2. Havok block Eat DaFeet and hits the hammerlock spinebuster, chokeslams Gail into next week, and covers her to win the Knockouts Title.

Winner and New Knockouts Champion: Havok

credit for write-up: pwmania.com

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001 005007 008

Thanks to Shirlz over at Cena Central, Four HQ scans from Gail’s feature in the October issue of Flex Magazine have been added to the gallery

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Hello guys! Welcome back to GailKimSource.org! Let me first say how sorry I am for the amount of downtime we’ve had here at the site. I ran into quite a few problems when trying to customize the theme. However, we’re back! that’s what matters right? I would like to thank Archie for designing our new look and for helping me out when I was at breaking point, go check out his design site and put in an order, quality designs & service!

In site news, I’ll be adding all missing captures and news in due course so bare with me while I get all of those sorted but the mean time, lets just enjoy the fact that your first, top and official fansite for Gail Kim is back in action.

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